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OUT: The way Nicki Minaj dresses

door tessa | 05-11-2012 @ 17:40 | Beroemdheden, Mode, Overig | 2 reacties



Nicki Minaj tries to be the Lady Gaga of black people. And ofcourse it was fun when she dressed up as a clown with all her crazy colors. But lately she has been dressing up worse and even more slutty then Kim Kardashian.

It’s too bad girl, dress up better! And while you’re at it, make better music too! Not that stupid shit you’re giving us now.

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IN: Korean version of LMFAO: Psy with Gangnam Style

door tessa | 13-08-2012 @ 17:18 | Beroemdheden, Cultuur, Lifestyle, Media, Overig | Comments Off on IN: Korean version of LMFAO: Psy with Gangnam Style

Psy is as crazy as LMFAO

Psy is a singer from Korea (guess wich one of the two) who has been popular since 2001. His real name is Park Jae Sang and he is known for his exciting and theatric stage performances. The guy has won every imaginary award you can get in Korea. You can even say he is the Korean version of LMFAO, dressing crazy, having crazy lyrics, but still making very good music to dance on.

His new hit Gangnam Style (it`s gone viral, already watched more then 27 million times on youtube) is so catchy that it even has a chance to get popular in Europe and America. Psy dances like an horserider and it`s really funny, can`t wait to see people dance like this in the clubs! We hope so, finally some poppy influence from the far East!!

And see here the remix of LMFAO with Sexy and I know it together with Psy.

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OUT: Stromae (Alors on dance)

door tessa | 06-08-2012 @ 14:19 | Beroemdheden, Overig | Comments Off on OUT: Stromae (Alors on dance)


What happened to Stromae?! In 2010 he had the biggest summerhit ever with Alors on Dance, but since then it got quiet around the belgium artist. The last video on youtube is of 2011, but Peace or Violence is quiet a boring song.  Even on twitter the sensation of two years ago has stopped posting since april. We hope Stromae just got crazy rich of the first song and retired to live quiet ever after, but then again, a new summerhit would be nice as well. Otherwise he’s just another one hit wonder to put on wiki.


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