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IN: Fotograaf Helmut Newton was zijn tijd ver vooruit


Fotograaf Helmut Newton is al twaalf jaar dood, maar zijn foto’s zijn tijdloos. Zijn kenmerkende zwart-witte foto’s zijn wereldberoemd, omdat hij grote artiesten als David Bowie en Monica Bellucci voor zijn camera kreeg.

Museum Foam in Amsterdam houdt momenteel een expositie, maar met wat googlen krijg je ook een goed beeld. Tip: Ook zijn foto’s in Monaco zijn geweldig.

Nog wat info over Helmut Newton:

In 1938, following Kristallnacht, Newton’s father was briefly imprisoned in a concentration camp, forced to abandon the factory and flee with Newton’s mother to South America. Newton, then 18, could not get a visa and was sent instead to China.  He made it as far as Singapore, where, according to his autobiography, he became a gigolo, or, at least the kept boyfriend of a much-older divorcee. From Singapore, he made his way to Australia in 1942, where he was interned by the British as a German national. Released to serve in the Australian army, at war’s end in 1945, he took Australian citizenship and changed his name to Newton.

After the war, Newton started a photo portraiture business in Melbourne where he met the actress June Brown, who would become his wife and partner. Newton spent the 1950s shooting for Australian and then British Vogue. In the 1960s, he moved to Paris to work for French Vogue. By the ’70s, his work was being featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as for Yves Saint Laurent.








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