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OUT: Corona. IN: Cocktail with Advocaat



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What was once the most fashionable drink of the summer, is now a drink for losers. Corona beer was once the new guy in town, but unfortunately he got overpriced and cool for old dudes. So if we won`t drink a beer that taste like a Mexican just pissed in it, then what is the new summer drink for 2012?


This year we drink coffee during the day and no alcohol. As driving and drinking are no longer accepted and the temperatures rise, it`s more chic to drink a fresh lemonade, than drinking beer on the beach. In the evening, we still drink coffee! But now with Baileys, Whisky or Khalua. For those who don`t like coffee, there`s allways the option of a hot or cold chocolate, mixed with Baileys.


The classic cocktails are also still doing good, like Mojito or Cosmopolitan. For the ultra-rich there is a new drink in town with icecubes made out of Champaign and Caviar. It`s supposed to be healthy, but I guess that only counts for the owners bank-account.

For the people  who think that paying at least 10 euro`s for a cocktail is not normal, we advice to ask for cocktails with Advocaat in it. This old-womans drink is finding its way back to the bar, thanks to Italian restaurants. The eggflavoured drink is smooth, but edgy and doesn`t cost too much.

For people who want to stay home, here are some simple cockails. Always nice to share with your friends while enjoying a nice summer evening.

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