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OUT: Short hair celebrities aka bad hair day


OMG Miley Cyrus, what did you do with your hair?! The girl that used to be a pretty lady, is now a little adolescence who tries to shock the world with a bad hairdo. She already put her body full of tattoos, but that was apparently not rock enough. Maybe it has to do with her boyfriend, who`s from Australia, the land of the wild. Anyway, we don`t like it (unless it`s the hair of an English model)! Grow back your hair girl or get extensions! Grow up!

By the way, she`s not the only celebrity with a bad hair day this week, take a look at Naomi Campbell. She`s becoming a bold supermodel. We feel bad for her, as she probably has some condition. Or maybe it`s just the relaxer, ask Chris.

Get well Naomi! Maybe you can get a wig of the hair Miley shaved off!

Yup, it`s Naomi!

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